Help us complete your section of trail.


G2G Rail Trail Inc.  welcomes your support for any contribution to the trail.
Here are some examples of donations and projects that are ongoing:


Maps and signs serve the dual purpose of keeping trailgoers from becoming lost, as well as protecting trail neighbours' privacy.We need kiosks at every major intersection along the Railtrail but  currently only the Kissing Bridge Trailway section is well populated with these important guideposts.  Help us to build more with your donations.


Stairs help to bridge some of the gaps that are on the trailway. These stairs, installed in 2015 at the Katherine St.  entrance in West Montrose, are an excellent example of public donations combined with industry support.  A tire trough allows for easy passage from the road to the trail and back for this important bypass until the bridge in West Montrose is rebuilt.  


Whether it's to stop and take a photo, visit a historic landmark, or just to take a lunch break, sometimes trailgoers need to set their bikes down safely and securely. These two racks were generously donated to the Railtrail and also allow for emergency en route repairs. Our goal is to have them at every major intersection to make your ride on the trail as safe as possible.


When the CPR closed its Goderich and Guelph rail most bridges were torn up and used for scrap metal. G2G is working to replace the lost bridges to ensure the RailTrail is one unbroken pathway from the City of Guelph to the beaches of Lake Huron. This new bridge at Millbank was installed in 2014.  Now help us connect the rest of our trail with bridges in West Montrose, Wallenstein and outside Auburn.  


G2G isn't just a straight path from Guelph to Goderich. It is a ribbon that connects communities and an experience for those who use it. Part of our agenda is to increase the access to safe fitness opportunities in our communities. Fitness parks that allow you to cross train while on the trail can be a fun way to bring your full body workout outdoors.


We'd like to put a new spin on an old adage:  Take time to smell the trees/listen to the birds/admire the view/park yourself for a few minutes.  Pick any option and more benches along the trail are the answer for you. G2G would like to place them at regular intervals to make your RailTrail as comfortable as possible for your whole family.


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