About G2G Rail Trail

Our Vision Statement

To develop and maintain a continuous, safe, and fully inclusive G2G Rail Trail Experience that is 132 km of linear, multi-use green space from the 401 corridors at Guelph, Ontario to the shores of Lake Huron in Goderich, Ontario.

G2G Rail Trail is a natural, historical and culturally significant conservation corridor that supports community recreation and active transportation, promotes health and well-being and brings awareness to rural agriculture, heritage, and the environment.

Trail Advisory Committees

The G2G Rail Trail Is cared for by dedicated volunteers who love our trail.

Local volunteer committees manage maintenance, using a plan to ensure the trail stays in great shape and develops well.

Charitable Purpose

Our primary purpose is to develop and maintain The G2G Rail Trail Experience for activities such as walking, hiking, cycling.  Overall, G2G Rail Trails seeks to enhance the quality of life for people in the areas where they operate while also preserving and celebrating local history.

Special Events

"Get active on the G2G Rail Trail! Whether biking, hiking, running, or walking, it's the perfect outdoor experience for all ages. Join us in exploring this safe and expansive corridor, supported by community collaboration and exciting events. Follow us on social media for updates and ways to get involved!"

Executive Team

Willow Hall

Executive Director
At the Helm

At the apex of our hierarchy is our esteemed Executive Director, Willow Hall. Willow's visionary leadership and passion for community engagement are instrumental in guiding our strategic direction and overall management. Under Willow's guidance, we work cohesively towards enhancing the trail's accessibility, safety, and enjoyment for all.

Board of directors

Peter Gauthier

Appointed May 17th 2023

Tim Hattle

Director at Large
Appointed May 17th 2023

Ross Watson

Acting Secretary
Appointed May 17th 2023

Mathew Rynard

Director at Large
Appointed May 17th 2023

Ruth McLelland

Appointed May 17th 2023

Doug Cerson

Appointed Jan 17th 2023

Graham Vincent

Capital Funding Chair
Appointed May 17th 2023

Bob Payne

Appointed May 17th 2023