Fequently Asked Questions

Where can I park?

Please use the interactive map to identify the location of parking throughout the G2G Rail Trail Experience. Click on the kiosk icons (green huts) to identify the number of approximate parking spots.

We ask that you DO NOT park on the road as it makes it difficult for farmers to get their equipment through. If it is absolutely necessary, please use one side of the road to ensure there are no cars on both sides.

What is the Beginning and End for Each of the Sections

Guelph Trail Way (GTW): Guelph Go Station to Silvercreek Rd

  • Communities: Guelph

Kissing Bridge Trailway (KBT): Silvercreek Rd to Millbank

  • Communities: Ariss, West Montrose, Elmira, Wallenstein, Linwood

Perth Harvest Pathway (PHP): Millbank to McNaught Line

  • Communities: Millbank, Milverton, Monkton

Lake Huron Route (LHR): McNaught Line to North Harbour Rd

  • Communities: Walton, Blyth, Auburn, Goderich

Huron Beach Boardwalk (HBB): North Harbour Rd to the end of the boardwalk at Rotary Cove Beach

  • Communities: Goderich

What are the Distances Between Communities?

Guelph to Ariss: 11KM
Ariss to West Montrose: 10KM
West Montrose to Elmira: 7KM
Elmira to Wallenstein: 7KM
Wallenstein to Linwood: 7KM
Linwood to Millbank: 9KM
Millbank to Milverton: 7KM.
Milverton to Monkton: 14KM
Monkton to Walton: 20KM
Walton to Blyth: 12KM
Blyth to Auburn: 10KM
Auburn to Goderich: 19KM

** Not inclusive of Detours

Which Dedicated Donation Features are Available?

  • Memorial Tree ($1,500) – Plaque Included
  • Bike Repair Stand ($1,500) – Plaque Included
  • Bench ($2,500) – Plaque Included
  • 360 Bench ($7,500) – Plaque Included

Why is the Guelph Trail Way (GTW) Closed?

The section of the Trail East of Marden Tract is the only section of the old CP rail line that is still active. As a result, the G2G Rail Trail Experience cannot continue alongside the rail line for safety purposes. However, we are working with the City of Guelph to establish a straight route into the downtown center. This is why we have it marked on our map and have included a temporary detour to get our users around the closed section and into downtown. Head to the link for more information on the Guelph Trail Master Plan.

How Do I Use The Interactive Map?

  1. Expanding the Map: For best results, expand the map by clicking ‘View Full Map’ OR the expansion button on the top right of the map.
  2. Turning On/Off Layers: On the left-hand side, you will find many layers that can be turned on or off. Select the box to turn on the desired layers such as Accommodations, Food and Supplies, etc.
  3. Interacting With the Icons: Click on each item to learn more.

How Can I Volunteer?

  1. Maintenance: Trail Maintenance Volunteers (TMV) are provided with a list of maintenance activities that need to be covered. They can select which activities they wish to help out with and the section they will be maintaining. Click here to view the list. TMV’s will be required to fill out an MOU for liability purposes.
  2. General Reporting: We are always looking for individuals to act as the eyes of the trail. If you wish to be a general reporter, please contact info@g2grailtrail.com
  3. Projects: If you are interested in volunteering for a specific project, please email info@g2grailtrail.com
  4. Social Media/Website: If you are interested in helping with the communication aspects associated with the G2G Rail Trail Experience, please contact info@g2grailtrail.com

What Does It Mean To Be A G2G Legacy and Lifetime Member?

G2G Legacy Members are individuals who donate a minimum of $10.00 monthly or $100.00 annually. These individuals will receive a vote at our AGM, a special 2021 badge, and special deals with partnering businesses along the trail.

A G2G Lifetime Member is someone who has donated over $5,000.00 cumulatively. They receive the same benefits but are specially recognized at certain times – such as in our Annual Report which is being prepared and will be published every year from now on.

Why Can’t I Complete a Donation of Over $2,000 online?

Our donation system only accepts donations of below $2,000.00 for security purposes. If you are looking to complete a donation greater than $2,000.00 please mail in a cheque or contact G2G Rail Trail Inc. directly.

How Can I Donate?

  1. Online
    • General Donation
    • Dedicated Donation
    • Legacy Giving
    • Capital Funding
  2. Mail in a Cheque
    • Addressed to Goderich to Guelph Rail Trail Inc.
    • Mailing Address: 36-620 Davenport Rd, Waterloo, ON N2V 2C2
  3. In-Kind Donation
  4. Prizes
  5. Corp/Employee Matching Funds
  6. Corp – Grant Identification
  7. Stocks
  8. Bequests

What Should Be Reported To G2G (info@g2grailtrail.com)?

  • General Maintenance Required
  • Fallen Trees
  • Overgrown Brush
  • Drainage Issues
  • Encroachment By Adjacent Landowners
  • Commercialization of the trail or lands

What Sections are Shared with the Ontario Federation of Snowmobile Club?

To identify the sections that G2G shares with the OFSC please check out their trail map by clicking here. It is important to identify if the section you are looking to explore may be heavy with snowmobile users prior to your trip.

How To Report An Incident?

Contact the Local OPP

Huron County: 519-482-1677 OR OPP.Huron@opp.ca

Perth County: 519-393-6123 OR OPP.PERTHCOUNTY@opp.ca

Region of Waterloo: 519-570-9777 OR https://www.wrps.on.ca/en/services-reporting/online-reporting-.aspx

Wellington: 1-888-310-1122 OR OPP.Wellington.County@opp.ca

City of Guelph: 519-824-1212 OR https://reports.policereporting.ca/dors/en/filing/selectincidenttype?dynparam=1610650188257

What Type of Incidents Should Be Reported to The OPP?

  • Unauthorized use of the trail
  • Animal attacks
  • Trespassing
  • Harassment
  • Damage to the trail or trail infrastructure – Vandalism
    • EG: Stolen signs, damaged gates, etc.

What Activities Are Permitted Vs Not-Permitted?

Activities Permitted:

  • Biking (all types)
  • Hiking
  • Wheelchairs (accessibility scooters)
  • E-Bikes/Scooters
  • Snowmobiles by Permit Only(specific posted sections)
  • Horseback Riding by Permit Only (HBB, LHR, PHP)
  • Dogs On Leash

All dogs must be on a leash when on the G2G Rail Trail Experience. There are NO off-leash sections. Owners are responsible for picking up after their pets.

Horseback Riding is allowed on certain sections of the G2G Experience (as listed above) but, users must be respectful. Please stay on the sidings and pick up after your horse.

Activities Not Permitted:

    • ATV
    • Cars
  • Motorcycles
  • Golf Carts
  • Hunting
  • Horseback Riding (KBT, GDA)
  • Dogs Off-Leash

There are NO motorized vehicles allowed on the G2G Rail Trail Experience. Please report any incidents to the local OPP.