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The G2G Rail Trail community is made up of a variety of volunteers who have come together over the years to contribute toward the betterment and longevity of the 990-acre linear park! Thanks to our passionate trail users and volunteers who have worked hard to maintain the trail, the G2G Rail Trail Experience offers an exceptional outdoor recreation asset for all to enjoy. Explore the opportunities to become involved below and select the option that is most fitting to you. We welcome you to our family in advance!

If you are already helping to maintain the trail, please make sure to fill out the On-Site Reporting form whenever you are on the trail. Click here to access the form. If you require a permit, please email ( us and we will send one to you.

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Trail Maintenance Volunteer

G2G Rail Trail is always looking for TMV's to help out with the general maintenance of the trail. Select the activities you are interested in and we will reach out to you to provide more details and a TMV Permit if required.
If you are already conducting maintenance and have not been in contact with a representative from G2G, please click here to fill out the On-Site Form whenever you are in the field.

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Legacy / Lifetime Member

G2G Members, Legacy and Lifetime, are those who support the trail on an annual basis and receive special recognition as a result. To achieve the G2G Legacy Membership status please set up a $10.00 monthly donation or you can complete a one-time donation of at least $100.00 annually! G2G Lifetime Members are those who have donated a cumulative of $5,000.00. Your membership will go towards the operation of G2G Rail Trail and will also entitle you to the 2021 Badge as well as a vote on special resolutions at the Annual Members Meetings.

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Trail Advisory Committee

Our Trail Advisory Committees are crucial entities of the organization. They are the groups responsible for maintaining their section of the trail, hosting awareness and fundraising events, and responding to the inquires of our users (just to list a few of the tasks conducted by these teams). There are so many reasons why you want to be a member of our TAC, the biggest being the satisfaction of watching users enjoy what you have worked to provide :)

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Steward Groups

Throughout the 132 KM corridor, we have many volunteer groups who work hard to maintain the trail for all to enjoy. These groups will receive special recognition on the KM signs as well as on our social media pages. If you and a group of your community members are currently maintaining a section or are interested in caring for a section we would like to recognize you as a steward group! Please fill out the form above and we will provide you with more information on what is required of our steward groups.

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Trail Maintenance Recognition

Jennifer Morris
Lake Huron Route

Lawn Mowing

Justin Taylor
Perth Harvest Pathway

Trail Grooming

Van'tVoort Family
Perth Harvest Pathway

Lawn Mowing

Kate Procter
Lake Huron Route

Lawn Mowing